This is space for imagination… so here you have the lyrics of all songs from ‘Untie the ropes’ album.

All lyrics written by Sara Rioja



Have I seen you here before?

Do you know where are my clothes?

Close for some minutes of…

Felt the attraction on the crowed tube

Just one look there's no more rule

Close for some minutes of…

touch, smell, taste, look inside!

Let the things flow

then we'll have more.


I don't want time to think,

my life is what I dream.

I switch on everyday

the guts of my machine.

Gas, more gas to breathe. Gas!

Sun bathing in the street,

my private concrete beach.

I only wanna stay

attracted to the grey.

Gas, more gas to breathe


There's a warning alarm in my chest

that lights as I am lying here again

who cares?

It's on my skin, my flesh, my bones

I'm falling…

I'm not controlling the acts of my body.

It's getting stronger, I don't wanna escape

I need love injection into my veins.

I know this would always be the same

but when I kiss you I just wanna stay

It's not too late, let me forget…

You leave me shaking after every embrace

I'm exploding in pieces of love overdose.


Running away

with no faith, just myself.

Gone with the tide,

all I face is myself.

Untie the ropes

that make me feel

so sore in my soul.

Untie the ropes

that make me feel

all what I am not.

I'll choose my name,

shout it out for myself.

Nothing to hide,

there's no sound but myself.


Come to me

and hold me tighter.

You treat me like a star

and I'm about to burst

You make me feel

like I'm in the sky

and I'm getting higher

with each touch

If I am dreaming

don't wake me up!

Let me dream!

Don't wake me up!

Read my lips:

you are my finder.

You drive me very far,

I don't want to return.

I wish each day

could be like this one

and follow the rhythm

of our hearts

If I am dreaming

don't wake me up!

Let me dream!

Don't wake me up!


I've been so lonely since you came back.

The days are cold, the nights are frozen.

I feel that I am getting older,

'cause I'm still living in our past .

You were away for such a long time,

and you're pretending nothing changed us.

I'm not, you're not, we're not what we were once.

We better face it now and break up.

Let's give our hearts a chance to stay calm,

so we don't have to say more lies.


Don't say you love me, that's too old!

You could invent another word,

that explains how do you feel

when you are next to me.

You know this game:

just say my name

and I'll be yours again.

Just say my name

and all the rest will fade away.

Just say my name

and don't leave me till late.

Just say my name

and make me don't forget this date.

I wake up with the morning light.

I need more rest.

On the table flowers, coffee

and a note that says:

“Just say my name, just say my name.”

Your name...

That's all I need to make you come

tonight again.


Six am on the road,

driving fast with no goal,

I just go with the flow.

This is just my lost case,

Always accelerate

driving on the wrong way.

I don't mind

what you are thinking.

I'm not blind,

my light is blinking.

It's my life,

babe, risk is winking.

I'm burning tires

and drinking whiskey.

Biting curves,

rolling straight.

Don't wanna press the break

driving by the road edge.

Side to side,

left to right.

I just wanna have fun

on the road that I write.


You were chosen by our votes

now you lie sitting on your throne

If you tell us what to do

where's the freedom that we choose

controlling tools!

You say you care

while you cause pain

how could you dare

to still our fate!

We can see your tanks in red

but it's just money, not defence.

All our taxes in your sack

no more fears that you can plant.

This is a trap!

You said you cared

while you caused pain

how could you dare

to still our fate!


I know your secret,

Don't wanna to keep it!

Extend your arms

now you can fly

so high into the sky,

I wouldn't think too much

this is your time!

Every night and every day

I look above

and I know that you're alright

flying so high

You broke the flower,

you left your tower.

Now it's your time,

now that you fly

so high into the sky!