FAME MAGAZINE PREMIERE of our Album ‘Untie the ropes’

“The intense album, recorded live in one take at Andy Whitmore Studios in West London, works as a sparkling collection of cinematic trip-hop infused sounds.”



“Subtlety is the key to this album. The rhythms build in slow waves that create an atmosphere that envelopes the listener. This allows the vocals of Rioja to pierce through shine in each track. Overall this was a strong album. Many artists try to build an ambiance and an environment through melody and percussion. Few do it as well as Komraus does”

Radio 2.

Radio 2 from NL plays ‘Gas’

Dj: Paul Rabbering

Radio 3 nl.jpg

Radio 3 from NL plays ‘Gas’

Dj: Lieke


-Music Magazine for Rock, indie and Punk- announcing in a full article our album.

PURE GRAIN AUDIO Mag, Exclusive Stream


‘Untie the ropes’ interview to Sara Rioja or how the song was written


‘gas’ premiere

Review about the song and KOMRAUS sound

MYSTIC SONS Mag featuring ‘Untie the ropes’ song and video

LEFT BANK Mag (NY) Interview based on Mix Tape created by KOMRAUS

THE PARTAE Mag REVIEW on ‘Gas’, new song

SON OF MARKETING Magazine premieres ‘Untie the ropes’ Remix by Rachel C Kollier

WITH GUITARS Mag on ‘Gas’, new track

MUSOS’ GUIDE Mag on ‘Untie the ropes’ Remix

COLORISING MAGAZINE on ‘Untie the ropes’ Remix

CARNE CRUDA, Mainstream radio program at EL DIARIO, SP, playing ‘Untie the ropes’ and reviewing KOMRAUS

WITH GUITARS MAG, review of ‘Untie the ropes’ Remix

La Vanguardia.jpg

LA VANGUARDIA Newspaper featuring KOMRAUS show in Barcelona

el pais esmoda.jpg

El Pais, esmoda. Magazine

Interview with singer Sara Rioja

la 2 noticias.jpg

La 2 Noticias, National TV, Spain

Live show and interview with Sara Rioja

el duende.jpg

El Duende, Magazine, SP

Interview with Sara Rioa


RNE, National radio, SP

Live songs and interview with Sara Rioja


Guitar BCN, Banners

Banners for GUITAR Barcelona all over the city

muzikalia 2.jpg

Muzikalia, Music Mag, SP

article about the rapid growth and success of the band

la ser logo.jpg

La Ser, national Radio station. SP

Interview and music with Sara Rioja

komraus La noche en vivo La ser.jpg

La Noche en Vivo, La Ser (National Radio), SP

Playing KOMRAUS music and recommending the concerts in Spain

Musiczine album review.

Netherlands Magazine and blog

Interview. EL PAIS, National newspaper, SP

Interview to Sara Rioja, singer and composer, on paper and digital

Review on our concert at Sala X, Sevilla, SP.

Adobo Sound, Music blog.

Review on ‘Abrete de Orejas, Corazon’. Music Blog, SP.

Review on our album Spanish tour and our show in Sevilla.

Interview and Live concert at

La 2 Noticias.

National TV Channel, SP

Interview with Sara Rioja and Live performance at Sala Galileo, Madrid.